About Us

About Us

ECPT (Eduguy Career Predictive Test) is a state of the art Career Counseling Service powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning.

This new tool is a unique software product and one of the most advanced Career Counseling services provided by Eduguy and IBM jointly.

ECPT is a 120-minute AI powered Career Test that has three segments in the module highlighting IBM’s 3-A Career Recommendation Framework, based on the foundation of three factors, Attitude, Aptitude & Aspiration.

Depending upon the scores one gets from Aptitude and Attitude sections, and Interests shown, this AI algorithm discusses the user’s true potential, ability and in the end provides with 3 best-fit career recommendations.

The scores are represented with a spider or web chart, a two-dimensional chart that plots the series of values over multiple quantitative variables, expressing one’s strengths and weaknesses.


ECPT (Eduguy Career Predictive Test) helps a student or a young professional to:

  • Get a deep understanding of oneself in terms of one’s interests, aptitudes, and personalities
  • Understand one’s best fit career fields and steps to build a fruitful career in those clear one’s career confusions and prepare a career plan after an AI expert analysis
  • Develop plan for skills and personalities
  • Get personalized and holistic career guidance approach